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Product Description

The OMS-800 operation microscope series is the ideal choice for all types of ophthalmology operations including cataract and vitreous surgery.

Key features

  • Bi-manual vitrectomy without the need for fiber-optic illumination (OFFISS model only)
  • Double focusing mechanism
  • Programmable multi-function footswitch

OMS-800 provides excellent stereoscopic and color corrected images, brilliant illumination and superior operational efficiencies for today’s sophisticated operations.

OMS-800 Standard
Equipped with most of the features of the OMS-800 range, the OMS-800 Standard answers the need for a simpler, easy to use operation microscope. Manual brakes and ease of mobility make the OMS-800 an affordable yet advanced unit for all ophthalmic procedures.

Electromagnetic brakes and sophisticated electronics provide the OMS-800 PRO with the flexibility to facilitate virtually any type of ophthalmic surgical procedure.

OFFISS offers an enhanced scope of possibilities in vitreoretinal surgery. Equipped with the OFFISS lenses mechanism, electromagnetic brakes and sophisticated electronics, this model provides the highest specification
for intravitreal surgery, as well as other ophthalmic procedures.

The CBS model offers a changeable beam splitter control using a lever, allowing the beam to be split 80/20 or 50/50. When connected to a TV camera, the 50/50 mode allows clearer TV images for documentation or teaching purposes.

OFFISS Lenses (OFFISS: Optical Fiber Free Intravitreal Surgery System)
Topcon has developed a state-of-the-art observation system for vitrectomy procedures that does not require the use of fiberoptic illumination. The Topcon OFFISS lenses avoid complicated focusing by allowing the microscope head and indirect lens to move independently of each other, facilitating a clear focused image at all times. The image inverter activates automatically whenever the OFFISS is in use. The indirect lens can
quickly and simply be exchanged for another, saving time and increasing efficiency

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